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We are a performance based marketing team who create high converting ecommerce offers.

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What are we all about?

A performance-based marketing company

We build physical e-commerce offers specifically for the CPA affiliate space. 100% focus on compliant long-term product funnels that convert so crazy we might as well be selling hotcakes.

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What we do

100% Top Performing Offers

We build high converting e-commerce offers in a variety of niches. From Gadgets to Beauty and everything inbetween. We have a team on the ground in China for souring & North America for customer service, web dev and more.

Creatives? Handled.

We package all the creatives you need to scale instantly. We realease each offer with presells, sales landers, proprietary checkouts and emails. We also provide google drive links full of images and videos for your use.

Offer Development

We get it, you want to focus on ads, not customer service and product sourcing. If you have a product you'd like to be selling - get in touch and let us do the hard work. We often build exclusive product offers for affilites.

Want to work with us directly? Join the best ecommerce group the industry has seen!

Our key skills

We have tons of experince in the performance marketing space. We are a group of Advertisers and Media Buyers who have merged together to offer you the best EPC's in the market today. We work to make sure our offers are fully compliant on all major ad platforms. We have lots of data, so we are able to choose winning products over and over again. We are also good at making friends, so please get in touch!

Product sourcing 92%

High converting offer design 98%

Having fun at conferences 100%

what people are saying

James Petrellis is one of the most advanced e-commerce guys in the industry. I first met him at a mastermind I held in Thailand and was mind-blown by his experience and expertize selling physical products online.

Eric Dyck

CEO at istack Training

DOC is one of the easiest teams to work with in the industry. They are super fast at getting things done and have created some of the best offers we have seen

Jennifer Kingston



No, we are not a network. Direct Offer Club is a direct advertiser. We create all of our offers internally. We also partner with product owners at times to build and run their online channels.

The short answer is no. We are very selective with who we work with. This doesnt mean you need lots of experience in the industry. We accept begginers. Our criteria is based on trust and a willingness to provide value to end customers.

We have office locations in the US, Canada, Australia and China. We work with partners all over the world. We build offers to service lots of geos, with a special focus on US, FR, ES and DE

Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and one of our reps will get in touch with you within hours.

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Want to talk about running traffic to our offers? Simply fill out this form and one of our rockstars will be in touch within hours. Or if you own a product and are looking for a marketing partner, we are here for you!

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